The way we process the information inside our minds determines whether we survive, whether we are moderately successful or achieve levels of excellence, whether we win or lose in life.

NLP Practitioner Certification in Dubai

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Certified by the European Board of NLP

theory & practice by 4 Global NLP Trainers in 5 areas

  • Despite conscientious efforts, sometimes effective professionals fail to achieve certain attainable goals
  • Why do intelligent and educated people sometimes say or do unfortunate things?
  • What really happens with people who attend various training courses end back doing the same things again and again?
  • How do, people who excel in what they do, think and act and stand up with a sense of direction and authentic confidence?

Benefits from studying in depth the NLP system

  • Maintain self-control in an environment where changes happen
  • Outstand for my effectiveness in my professional field by optimizing performance and building a reputation for results
  • Gain competitive advantage by having access to the most profound coaching system and easing the path for development of others leading to powerful insights
  • Refine my acumen and increase resourcefulness in problem solving
  • Know how to gain acceptance in their interactions that promotes elimination of barriers and establish better relationship with people I come into contact with
  • Create self -leverage in dealing with different roles in life and accelerate in pursuing my goals with emotional stability and self-discipline

at a glance

NLP Trainers

Areas of benefits with NLP


Outstand for your resourcefulness in your own field. Maintain self-control in coping with challenges in a flexible and resilient way. Create your own myth enhancing their self-brand


Discover how NLP is the way to get a better version of self. Re-engineer your mindset to healthy and mindful habits. Take charge of their own life

Parents & Teachers

Enhance your ‘leadership” role with their children. Increase kids' interest in learning & enhance their critical thinking. Inspire them to a world of possibilities in creating a compelling future


Mentors, Psychologists and Health professionals, gain competitive advantage, as they enrich their repertoire with innovative approaches and ease the path for their clients to powerful insights

Sports Pro

Acknowledge the NLP system, as the science of excellence and report significant improvement in your performance through acquiring better control of your body and emotional / physical state

Meet your NLP team

Robert & Judith talks about us

Investments options & registration

Early Bird

till Aug 25th, benefit from the discounted registration (-US$400), participate for: US$2.280

Later Registration

from Aug 26 till Sep 10th, the dicount changes to US$200 and the participation is at: US$2.480

Door Registration

Provided that there are still places available, one can register & book a place at the training for US$ 2.680

Team options

for a group oftwo or more there are special rates available, just contact us and we will send you the information you seek

📅 25th September to 28th November, 2020

1st session
25 & 26 Sep. 2020

2nd session
2 & 3 Oct. 2020

3rd Session
9 & 10 Oct 2020

4st session
30 & 31 Oct. 2020

5nd session
6 & 7 Nov. 2020

6rd Session
20 & 21 Nov. 2020 

7th session
& Graduation
27 & 28 Nov 2020

⏲ 09.00 – 16.00 (GMT+4)

120 hours of On-line Theory + In-Vivo Practice

English Language

your, EBNLP Certification Sample

Girish, is the head of Resourse team and lives in Dubai and is willing to anwer all possible questions you might have!
Just get into conatct with him at: girish.nlpcoach@gmail.com or +971558806147

Girish Gehani

Head of Resourse team & NLP Univeristy Trainer

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