NLP panorama for business prοfessionals. New generation approaches for building the mindset for ventures and roles.

22 – 27 May 2023

on-line & on-demand (for 6 months)


10 distinguished professionals from Greece and abroad, specialized in NLP and business practices, will present their innovative NLP models, which aim to shape a qualitative mindset to:

  • face challenges with resourcefulness and resilience 
  • enhance personal branding 
  • lead creatively towards successfully implementing ventures and new roles
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The study of both recognized personalities as well as people we meet in our everyday life, as to how they cope with complexity, uncertainty and changes, sheds light to details in the way they think and operate, set up their reasoning and process data in their minds.

These details determine their ability to stay focused, utilize information, overcome setbacks, limitations and pressure, manage with creativity and overcome adversity, challenge their own capabilities to new perspectives, stand out with remarkable achievements. They were gathered and composed to what we call the NLP system, which has created a paradigm shift with the development of methodologies that focus on the close relationship between mindset, distinct actions and remarkable results.

In Greece we follow the new developments, we have access to the innovative approaches and methodologies of the NLP system, and address to:

  • Professionals, executives and entrepreneurs, who undertake new roles and ventures and want to be up to date with new approaches, in order to reshape their thinking in a continuously moving environment and to have better control over situations 
  • Businesses organizations that want their people to think as intrapreneurs, to respond and self-regulate to challenges, new roles and conditions, with resilience and resourcefulness. 
  • Professional consultants & Executive and Business coaches who want to enrich their platform of approaches and tools with innovative models.


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Mon. 22/05/2023

Ευθυμιάδου Αλεξάνδρα

Alexandra Efthimiadou PhD
CEO of nlpgreece® & host 
> welcome / intro & host for Robert Dilts
> 18:00 – 18:15 Athens, GR time (CET+1)

Robert Dilts
> interview
> 18:15 – 18:45 Athens, GR time (CET+1)

Alexandra Efthimiadou & Yani Athanasopoulos
> Harnessing success paradigms 
> 19.00 – 20.00 Athens, GR time (CET+1)

Wed. 24/05/2023

Ευθυμιάδου Αλεξάνδρα

Jean François Thirie
> How to create MasterMind Groups
> 18:00 – 19:15 Athens, GR time (CET+1)
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Martha Mylona & Xenia Stefanopoulou
> The NLP system for Resilience and Well-being in Business
> 19.30 – 20.45 Athens, GR time (CET+1)

Fri. 26/05/2023

Wassili Zafiris
> Leadership is about emotional regulation
> 18:00 – 19:00 Athens, GR time (CET+1)

Robbie Steinhouse
> Business Success Archetypes
> 19.15 – 21.00 Athens, GR time (CET+1)

Sat. 27/05/2023

Ευθυμιάδου Αλεξάνδρα

Luca Marcolin
>  NLP in Family Business
> 10:00 – 11:15 Athens, GR time (CET+1)

Judith Lowe
> Modelling Your Gifted Colleagues
> 11.30– 12.45 Athens, GR time (CET+1)

Marianna Antonakaki
> MindsetMaps™: Τhe intersection of Consulting, Digital Technology and Humanities.
> 13.00 – 14.15 Athens, GR time (CET+1)

Shelle Rose Charvet (workshop)
> Words That Change Customers’ Minds
> 15.00 – 17.30 Athens, GR time (CET+1)

The conference is prefaced by

Leonidas Skerletopoulos
Manager at Light Hub, Business Incubator

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Dimitris Kiriakopoulos is a Senior Partner of nlpgreece® & Business Consultant. With more than 15years solid experience in HR & Trainings is responsible for the organisation and registration and the one who will be able to answer all your questions.


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The Organizer

nlpgreece® was established by Alexandra Efthimiadou and, since 1998, has a successful course of action in Greece and Cyprus. We promote the epistemology and the sophisticated application of the NLP system, with 3rd generation approaches for personal effectiveness, professional counseling, as well as innovative models in health and education. Affiliated with NLP University, Santa Cruz, California, the place where the NLP was born, we educate and certify people in the scientific evidence -based knowledge of the principles , the methodology and application of the NLP system in different fields.

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Our scientific profile is based on the selected team of professionals who combine their academic background and international experience, with in depth study of NLP with the guidance of the creators and major contributors: Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Judith Delozier, Robert Dilts. 

We embrace the values of curiosity and approach the system at its foundation basis, modeling  excellence– mapping and identifying  the difference that makes the difference in human behavior. 

As member of the European Board of NLP, NLP GLobal Body, European Association of NLPtherapy , we participate in research projects in collaboration with scientific communities in Greece and Europe to draw conclusions in various applications for professionals.  In parallel, we collaborate with the Athens Kapodistrian University Dental  School and the University of Piraeus for Systemic Studies, to design and apply NLP in specific protocols for professionals’ distinction.

Our passion, vision and mission is to reinforce the scientific profile of NLP and hand to the people science-proven knowledge on mindset growth, in order to engineer transformations, effectuate  breakthroughs & paradigm shifts.  We promote the collective intelligence and   cooperate with professionals around the world who combine the system of NLP with their field of expertise and develop next generation tools and methodologies.  Within this frame every year we organize conferences dedicated to a specific field of application bringing the latest  approaches of NLP in Greece form around the world.  

Ιν 2021, we organized and hosted the first, worldwide, NLP conference dedicated to Health, presenting new, innovative NLP models. In 2022, the NLP in Education followed with modern approaches for kids,teens teachers parents. This year, 2023, the NLP is dedicated to  Business.

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