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There is much talk about running the era of information management.  Transferring it into business,  social and personal life day by day we end up realizing that anything we do is about coping with information.In fact all life depends on the flow of information. Our very existence is governed by information coded in the DNA of our cells and it is not in our hands to do something about the genes we ended up with. However we can learn to have control over the information inside our head which defines the way we shape our reality.

The brain contains an incredible amount of information and receives further input throughout every moment of every day. The fact that brains have developed over millions of years means that our brains are equipped with some very sophisticated mental processes and have ended up adopting and operating certain behavioral patterns.

The way we process the information inside our minds determines whether we survive, whether we are moderately successful or achieve levels of excellence, whether we win or lose in life. Richard Bandler and John Grinder creators of NLP determined that the difference often lies in small refinements in information processing.

The fundamental discovery behind Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is that the way we organise the information inside our mind can have a powerful impact on the level of our success. The field of NLP coaching is based on the idea of having someone who understands the structure over and beyond the content Consequently, the NLP techniques deal with depicting and changing how people code the information inside their minds. So what a Coach does to make all the difference in the world actually seeks to get to the heart or structure of a situation. In other words we search for patterns or for the path that each one of us uses to achieve what we want.

NLP Coaches are coaching people in public speaking, negotiating skills, business acumen, leading people, relationship enrichment, health and fitness, or a particular excellence. They define the flow of information, refine the criteria of the process to empower the client to run his or her own brain to harness their latent qualities, to generate new potentials, new resources, and new strengths and create a life orientation that aims for excellence and results. NLP coaching is about a high level expertise on the structure and process of performance.

article submitted to the Hellenic Coaching Forum